Public Speaking Courses Delhi

Communication Skills Courses Delhi

Personality Development Courses Delhi

Public Speaking classes Delhi

Communication Skills classes Delhi

Personality Development classes Delhi

Public Speaking training Delhi

Communication Skills training Delhi

Personality Development training Delhi

Public Speaking Courses India

Communication Skills Courses India

Personality Development Courses India

Public Speaking classes India

Communication Skills classes India

Personality Development classes India

Public Speaking training India

Communication Skills training India

Personality Development training India

Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Personality Development Courses, Classes, training In Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi NCR

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Focus with Tokas The team

Pradeep Tokas – Tokas, as he is fondly called, takes sessions which focus on polishing the various aspects of becoming an effective public speaker. Post his session’s participants have the confidence to speak and convince people, gain trust of the people around them, make an impact, resolve conflicts and form productive teams! Most importantly after attending his sessions, audiences are able to make themselves and their world positively unforgettable.
In addition to polishing the personality of individuals, Tokas is an avid adventure sports fan and likes to take off on an adventurous trip every now and then.

Arindam Sen – Arindam has more than 10 years experience in developing and executing effective programs aimed at enabling individuals and brands communicate effectively with their audience. His forte is developing very effective tools and techniques to communicate – verbal as well as written – in English. Participants in his communication classes swear by his techniques and claim they are able to charm anybody with their communication skills! He is a firm believer in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) as well as learning through experience and ensures his classes reflect it.
When he is not helping people improve their communication skills, Arindam can be found at the nearest coffee shop gorging on some chocolate delicacies, along with a coffee. Reading a nice book or fiddling with some new tech gadget!

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